Get Involved

Our Lady of the Road is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings from 8-11am. If you would like to help out any day, please arrive around 7:30am.

Every Wednesday there is Mass at 7:30pm at Our Lady of the Road. 

Every other Wednesday there is a potluck dinner hosted by the Catholic Worker at 5:30 pm (you can email to check if it's a potluck week). You can bring a dish to share if you're able, but bring your presence regardless. 

***We ask volunteer groups to contact us before visiting Our Lady of the Road during breakfast hours, so we can coordinate the best time to volunteer. ***

If you would like to assist in the work by starting a donation drive for your parish, school, or community email you can contact us at:

Contact us 

The OLR email address is: 

The OLR phone numbers is: 574.334.7387*

* text is preferrable, please reach out between 9am -5 pm

Catholic Worker House email: (checked weekly)


If you are looking for more opportunities to get involved, please feel free to reach out to us.

Visit us

Women's house address:

518 S St Joseph St, 

South Bend, IN 46601

Men's house address:

515 S St Joseph St, 

South Bend, IN 46601

Our Lady of the Road:

744 S Main Street, 

South Bend, IN 46601